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Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020 product key 3 Device 1 Year Key GLOBAL

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Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020 product key 3 Device 1 Year Key GLOBAL

Trend Micro™ Security provides advanced online protection and privacy so you can enjoy your digital life safely. It features the latest in anti-ransomware technology; helps protect you from identity theft; and safeguards against viruses, spam, and more. Recently rated by security experts*, Trend Micro Maximum Security  delivers 100% protection against web threats

Block web threats; Defend against ransomware and other online dangers.
Protect your email: Keep scams out of your inbox.
Shield your privacy; Block dangerous websites that can steal personal data.
Optimize performance: Quickly fix common problems and get everything running at top speed
Safeguard your kids; Allow children to explore the web safely, with both time and content limits.
Avoid Fraud and Scams; Guard against phishing emails.

Important Notice:
To activate code go to; After activation sign in your account at this link You will see your subscriptions and download link on there.

How to Install Trend Micro Maximum Security on Windows


 Welcome to this Tutorial for Trend Micro Maximum Security.

In this video,

we'll teach you how to install Trend Micro Maximum Security on your PC.

This video applies to all four PC editions.

There are a couple of ways to install a copy of Trend Micro Maximum Security.

You can use the download link included on the card in your package

or download the Installation package

or a full version from the following website.

Once you've downloaded the product,

double-click the Installation or Setup package.

A User Account Control dialog appears,

asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

Click Yes to start the installation.

Trend Micro Security will extract the installation files to a temporary folder

and automatically check if the system is compatible.

If your computer passes the System Check,

the Serial Number screen appears.

Enter the serial number provided by Trend Micro in your retail box

or in your confirmation email and click Next.

The License Agreement appears.

In this screen, you can read the terms and conditions of the License Agreement

and set the location and language for the installation.

Trend Micro recommends that you use the default location for the application files.

Click Agree and Install if you agree with the License Agreement.

The installation begins.

This will take just a few minutes.

During the installation, the Trend Micro Maximum Security shortcut appears on your desktop.

When complete, a screen appears

asking if you want to receive monthly email reports from Trend Micro,

to help you stay on top of your security status.

If you do, click Yes.

A screen appears asking you to Activate Your Protection.

Enter your preferred email address and click Next.

If you've used this email address to activate Trend Micro software before,

sign in to your Trend Micro account.

Enter a name for your computer.

This will help you track where you have installed the software.

Click Next.

A screen appears, indicating your Protection is Activated.

Click Finish.

If you have not used this email address to activate a Trend Micro product before,

a screen appears, asking you to Enter your Account Information.

Type in your account information,

read the Trend Micro Privacy Statement,

then check “I have read and agree to the Trend Micro Privacy Statement.”

You may retain or remove the checkmark

“Receive the latest news and offers from Trend Micro,”

and click Next.

A screen appears, asking you to Check What You Entered.

If your entries are accurate, click Next.

A screen appears, indicating your Protection is Activated.

Click Finish.


You have just installed Trend Micro Security on your Windows computer.

After installation,

it is highly recommended that you update Trend Micro Maximum Security

to gain the latest protection.

Simply click the Trend Micro Security icon on your taskbar

and select Check for Program Updates.

This will download and install an update.

Note that, moving forward,

Trend Micro Maximum Security will automatically update whenever necessary. This concludes this tutorial.

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