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okayfreedom VPN Premium Key download 1 Year 1 PC

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In these times maintaining the privacy of our information during internet sessions has become a necessity for many users, cyber theft is a latent danger and VPNs have come to protect those who wish to make use of this tool, one of them is OkayFreedom.

OkayFreedom is a VPN or virtual private network that guarantees its users to be a tool capable of guaranteeing the privacy of their activities through the Internet. But is this true?

If you want to know all relevant information about Okayfreedom, price, how to install and download, user reviews, a free version, full packages and much more are available. Below you will find an unbiased analysis of this VPN provider.


Reasons to Choose SpyOFF
To be able to decide if Okayfreedom free or full version is the VPN capable of meeting your needs and worth downloading and installing, you must know about the features that the product has. Therefore below we detail each of the relevant elements of Okayfreedom VPN.

1. Ease of use
As mentioned before Okayfreedom’s interface is quite poor and lacks advanced options, however it is very easy to operate. However for users who are used to more complete VPN Okayfreedom can generate negative feedback in this regard.

Although it is required to install and download OpenVPN to make use of this tool the process is very easy and in their FAQ section they indicate in detail everything you need to do and you can get this information.

2. Available Countries
Although the number of Okayfreedom servers is quite limited which are distributed in almost 20 different countries, so you can enjoy Okayfreedom in your country without any inconvenience.

Although its coverage in terms of countries can be wide, the number of users can reduce the speed of navigation due to the lack of servers. It should be noted that this provider is not suitable for users in China.

3. Devices
Another point where Okayfreedom is deficient is that it is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems, i.e. if you are looking for a VPN to safeguard your mobile or Mac internet connection you will have to choose other options.

In order to use this provider, you must download and install OpenVPN. Without a doubt this point generates negative opinions and much disagreement from those who want to use these services on other devices.

4. Contract Types
Okayfreedom is a provider that does not have any kind of contract, but simply has a full year subscription plan where the customer can use payment methods that do not require their identity. This is completely legal and protects the customer’s privacy.

A point that generates good feedback and possibly attracts interest from new customers to download and install Okayfreedom via OpenVPN. Also before paying for the full package you can access the free version of this provider.

5. Available services
Among the available services offered by Okayfreedom are

Support Protocol
IPv6 Blocking
Limited P2P support
Jurisdiction in Germany (Maximum privacy)
Seguridad de Okayfreedom

6. Security
Okayfreedom employs one of the standard, but nevertheless quite strong, encryption methods, the AES-256-GCM. It employs CGM and CTP encryption to double the level of protection for users and in turn offer users higher bandwidth.

Unfortunately Okayfreedom uses Google’s OpenVPN protocol, which casts doubt on its security as this provider is known for storing and marketing data. Additionally Okayfreedom does not indicate any other information regarding its features.

The fact that IPV6 connections are blocked limits the data losses associated with this configuration. However Okayfreedom does not have an off switch which indicates that in case of provider failure your internet session will remain active. Not at all convenient.

7. Support Quality
Currently Okayfreedom only has three ways to provide support to its users. Through the FAQ and support on the web site you will find a number of questions with answers included, all of which are quite useful and can answer many questions.

As for the support service through email we found mixed opinions, some users claim to have obtained a concise and useful quick response to the problems presented through this medium, cataloging the help with good reviews.

A few others say that they had to wait at least three days to receive answers to their problems and some others claim they never received an answer. In conclusion we can classify the support as good but with a big margin of improvement.

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