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bullguard antivirus 2020 1 Device 1 Year BullGuard Key GLOBAL

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 BullGuard antivirus 2020 1 Device 1 Year BullGuard Key GLOBAL



Consistently high performance in stopping malware infecting your system. According to independent labs, BullGuard Antivirus is the best software there is. That’s because we’ve combined traditional signature-based detection with industry-leading behavioral detection. In short, you get a multi-layered defense that stops all known and unknown viruses before they can infect your computer.

Easy to use
An elegant and simple design makes BullGuard Antivirus effortless to use. Installs quickly and is easy to manage. With an intuitive interface, you can easily customize BullGuard Antivirus to suit your needs, whether it's setting the spam filter, running scans, or adjusting protection levels.

Unwanted applications
Stops unwanted applications from hijacking your browser and home page and changing your browser settings. Some programs contain adware that installs toolbars and modifies your system settings. They're not malicious like trojans or worms but they can change your browser settings, alter your home page, and direct you to another search engine by default. BullGuard's unwanted app tool flags up these programs and stops them from changing your settings.

A customizable spam filter allows you to stop spam from clogging up your inbox. Stop that annoying spam from getting through to your inbox by blocking it with the BullGuard spam filter. You’ll no longer be irritated by irrelevant messages and what’s more, it also protects you from phishing scams.

Safe Browsing
Get alerts and warnings about websites that carry malicious code. Malicious code often hides in websites. When you unwittingly click on a link your PC becomes infected and data can be stolen. BullGuard safe browsing warns you of hidden danger lurking in websites - so you can surf the entire World Wide Web in full safety. BullGuard checks all the links that come up in your search results and on your Facebook page and flags the ones that lead you to malicious websites.

High System Performance
Unlike many antivirus programs, BullGuard Antivirus doesn’t slow the performance of your system. Many antivirus software protection programs slow computers down. BullGuard Antivirus has been designed to ensure your computer maintains consistently high performance. So whether you code, design, or game you can still expect the computer operation you’re used to.

Expert support
Free 24/7 support delivers expert and friendly advice at a time of your choosing. We’ll help you with any security problem you may have, via Live chat or e-mail. This service is available at any time of the day or night. You can also choose online remote access support if it makes things easier for you.

Why choose BullGuard Antivirus?
Independent tests have established that BullGuard antivirus has the best malware catch rates. It features multiple layers of defense providing an impenetrable protection system.

Top malware catch rates, as proven by independent test labs
Simple to install and easy-to-use
Antispyware to keep snoopers at bay
Innovative behavioral detection that proactively identifies new threats
Customizable spam filter - no other antivirus program provides this
Lightning-fast gaming - BullGuard doesn’t slow you down


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  • Extremely great customer service from Eugen. Everything was taken care of within moments of talking with them. Thank you!
  • I have used this company for years. Great service and keeps us updated regularly. No worries about computer problems as it automatically scans your system.Also the customer service is Fantastic.I missed an offer to which they quickly responded with advice and refund.Thank you
  • The colleague was helpful and dealt with my query quickly & efficiently. Thank you


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